Mezzomedia offers clients strategic media representation and consultancy services.

Media Representation

Mezzomedia is the leading international media brand representative in APAC. We provide proactive and dynamic media representation and partnership services to a curated portfolio of international media brands. From Tokyo to Mumbai, Singapore to Sydney, Mezzomedia and our network ensure that our media partners are actively engaged with clients in the region.

Media Consultancy

To complement our media representation activities, Mezzomedia offers independent media consultancy services through our partnership with Farrar Media, a London-based global media agency. Farrar Media have been planning and implementing global campaigns for leading brands and agencies from Asia, the US and Europe for over 30 years.  Their approach is both neural and highly professional with all recommendations substantiated by local market data. Client relationships are based on full transparency.

Media Strategy

With our many years of experience in the region, Mezzomedia offers strategic market entry services to international media partners. This includes media partnership strategy for US, European and Asian media groups in the APAC, consultancy services to media groups wishing to establish local partnerships in Asia in addition to marketing advice and support for new media ventures and start-ups.